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How to use wood pellets for animal bedding:

If you are starting from scratch in a standard-sized stall, for a half bed use 4-6 bags and for a full deep litter bed use 6-10 bags. Lay the bags on the floor, cut the top of the bags open. With a hose or watering can add 1- 1 ½ gallons of water per bag. After a minute the nuts will begin to expand. After around 30 minutes they will be ready. Turn bags out and run through with a fork to ‘fluff-up’. Wood pellet animal bedding maintenance: Remove solids and wet patches with a suitable fork to allow clean […]

What is Biomass Energy?

It is the energy that is generated from burning raw organic waste or biomass feedstock. Once the waste is burned it can be converted into clean products such as steam, biodiesel and biofuels. The reason biomass energy is considered a clean fuel is because it is carbon neutral. A process known as photosynthesis takes place when a plant or tree absorbs energy from the sun and stores it. When than tree or plant is burned as part of making biofuel, the carbon that was stored in it is reabsorbed back into the atmosphere, allowing photosynthesis to continue. This is the […]


1)When will I receive my order? When selecting standard delivery, your orders will be delivered up to 3 working days from the date you placed your order. If you require your item sooner, request a Next Day Delivery one of our team will speak to you and your item will be delivered on the next working day. 2) What is the diameter of your pellets? All of our pellets are 6mm, 100% natural virgin wood. 3) Do you deliver across the UK? We do, although differing charges do apply depending on your postcode. Free delivery is offered for all postcodes in Midlands. […]