Shipping & Refunds

There is much to say about the fantastic features of our different products, however before you can enjoy them saving you a great deal in household bills and environmental impact - there is delivery to be survived first.

As an experienced customer of biomass fuel, you probably recognise that delivery is a complex service that is prone to many factors. For your convenience, we have created the outline of some of the key things in our policy to keep in mind, on this page.

 1.     Delivery Prices are calculated with delivery in mind. However, as much as we would love to provide free delivery to all regions in the UK, it is unfortunately not possible due to the difference in petrol usage that we have, delivering to you from our warehouse in Middlesborough.

Before ordering, please find your postcode along the following three zones of delivery:

ZONE 1 (free delivery) - England Midlands: 






ZONE 2 (£5 surcharge covering extra petrol for us) - Further England and Wales:


ZONE 3 (£10 surcharge) - England Extra and Wales:


ZONE 4 (£25 surcharge) - England Extra and Highlands:






Any postcode not found here, unfortunately, cannot be served.

2.     Next Day Delivery charges £10 per pellet and provides the delivery of your goods on the next day, only provided that you have placed an order in the AM hours (11:00 at the latest). Otherwise, the delivery will be on the day after next.

Also, please do not choose this option on Friday, or the day before a bank holiday, to have the delivery next day - as Saturday delivery comes at the surcharge of £45 and needs to be arranged over the phone. Next Day Delivery ordered on Friday will see your order reaching you on Monday.

If you are ordering in the afternoon, and your delivery is urgent, please call us on 02074324767, and we will do all we can to help you.

3.       Delivery times can be checked by us on the day of your delivery by your request.

Even so, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the times due to the specifics of the routes that the courier may choose to take (the drivers deliver a number of pellets a day, and there is no set times for the unloading, locating addresses and other things that may delay the driver). Neither can we guarantee that the driver will be able to answer the phone to let us know the time of his arrival, while driving.

While we will certainly do everything possible for good service, we value your understanding in such situations a lot.

4.       Curb-side delivery is the service we provide. Please understand, that as the driver might be under the great pressure to deliver the goods to all customers on the day when it is especially busy, they may not necessarily be able to assist you in handling your goods.

For easy handling of your goods, you can either order from us the additional service to roll the goods into your property, in which case the driver will come with the wheeled equipment that can help to do so - this additional service is £20 charge - or simply go for our SPARKLETS Wood Pellets in 10kg bags, which are easier to transfer than the standard 15kg.

5.       Narrow driveways are something we need to be notified of in advance. If the goods arrive in the wrong vehicle (standard 18 tonne trucks), cannot go through and have to be re-delivered, it incurs additional charge, as we still need to take care of our courier and pay for their work regardless. Therefore, please use our "Contact" page to leave any instructions for the driver, including the smaller vehicle (7.5 tonne is the smallest we can do - please make a note of that).

6.       Damages. All damages need to be reported to the driver straightaway and have photographic evidence, sent to us by email within 24hrs (on [email protected]). We will then be able to replace your goods, or refund you the amount lost, if the damage is not extensive. Please make sure, that the amount lost is clearly visible on the photograph. We will do all we can to compensate you - but in the absence of the photographs, we are afraid we won't be able to do so.