Cat Litter by Premier Fuel!

Posted by Premier Fuel on 25th Jun 2018

Cat Litter by Premier Fuel!

Cat litter wood pellets

Wood pellets are becoming favourite and the most popular among cats and their owners. The demand for this product is explained by its affordable cost, ease of use and effective characteristics. Wood pellets perfectly absorb odours, and therefore there will not bad smell in a house where fluffy pets live.

There are two types of cat litter wood pellets: absorbent and lumpy. The first option is the pellets made of crushed and pressed wood dust and are moisture absorbent. High-quality pellets are made from spruce and pine wood without the use of any additives. Such formulations possess antiseptic qualities, and NO harming risk for little cute balls of fur.

Our Eco Cat Wood pellets, just like all our wood pellets are made from 100% virgin wood.

How to use wood pellet as cat litter?

Usually, it is poured in about a three-centimetre layer into the cat's tray. This amount will be needed for an ordinary deep toilet. If the accessory is equipped with a mesh, then you can reduce the layer to one centimetre. When there is solid excrement, they should be removed with a special spatula. If you started to feel the appearance of an unpleasant smell, it is recommended to replace the filler completely. To make sure that, it is more comfortable to walk into the tray, it is worth rinsing the tray under running water with soap.

Advantages of the Eco Cat  Litter

  • Differs with ideal liquid-absorbing features
  • It can be disposed of in small portions
  • A pleasant fragrance of fir branches attracts animals and is very popular with the owners
  • Substance suitable for pets of all ages
  • The product is characterized with organic antiseptic properties and prevents the reproduction of bacteria
  • Wood retains unpleasant odour for a long time
  • The composition does not cause allergic reactions and if swallowed by pet does not cause any problems

Wood pellets cat litter reviews are generally wonderful. The owners, who tried to use it once, no longer want to buy any other options. Owners of furry pets in one voice outline the ease from using wood pellets cat litter!



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