What burners can I use for wood pellets?

Posted by Premier Fuel on 21st May 2018

What burners can I use for wood pellets?

The most common burner is a biomass boiler. These are of similar size to gas and oil boilers in domestic homes and are used to generate heat to power central heating or boil hot water. These boilers are fed via a controlled feeder and are monitored and then altered depending on thermostat readings.

The installation of a biomass boiler should case minimal hassle. The biomass boiler should be able to be plumbed straight into a current heating system, and no more space is required for a biomass boiler when compared to a traditional boiler.

A possible snag for the installation of a biomass boiler is not the size of the boiler itself, but the space required for wood pellet storage. Typically, a pallet of wood pellets takes up the space of 1.5m³, and this space must be dry and free of moisture. However, we have customers who store ECO wood pellets and Sparklets outside, just making sure they are covered. This type of storing is not re commended, but so far there has been no issues

All of Premier Fuel’s wood pellets hold an ash content of below 0.6% by weight, meaning that the maintenance times for your biomass boiler should be limited. In the vast majority of biomass boilers, the ash will be collected into an ash pan at the base of the boiler, which can be easily handled and removed at regular intervals.

Biomass boilers are extremely popular due to the low CO2 emissions they produce. Being carbon neutral, the burning of these wood pellets released the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere that has been produced by the trees during their life cycle. Biomass boilers are also eligible for the governmental RHI scheme, allowing homeowners to save on their heating bills. Please visit our RHI scheme blog post to learn more.

Wood pellets can also be used in stoves and will use varying quantities of wood pellets depending on the heat you wish to be produced. Much alike to biomass boilers, the vast majority of stoves will have an automatic dispenser and will require some regular mainten ance.

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