Wood pellets. An introduction

Posted by Premier Fuel on 18th May 2018

Wood pellets. An introduction

What are wood pellets?

All of Premier Fuel’s Wood Pellets are 6mm in diameter, and are compressed cylinders composed of dried wood fiber that is sourced from renewable forestry’s that are spread out across Europe & Russia. Wood pellets hold a significantly higher energy yield than other wood sources and hold over three times more energy than the same volume of loose wood chip. Wood pellets of EnPlus A1 Certification burn cleaner than other fuel sources and produce very little ash or smoke residue. Being small and easily manageable, they effortlessly flow into biomass boilers without getting clogged, meaning the process of burning wood pellets is hassle free.

How are they made?

Wood pellets are made of the excess ‘bits’ that are left over from other processes that wood goes through during shaping and sawing (such as the excess dust extracts from timber mills) or are created from renewable forestry’s that are harvested for the prime purpose of producing wood as a source of fuel. Premier Fuel only sources wood pellets that are produced from those forestry’s that are sustainable and environmentally conscious, and from wood that is of the highest virgin quality and is wholly untreated.

Once this wood has been gathered, it is chipped, dried out and then ground down into small particles, leaving a sand-like mixture of wood particles that is ready to be compressed at high pressure.

When this mixture is compressed, the high pressure that the pellets are put under has the additional effect of raising the temperature of the mixture. This combined effect causes the lignin within the wood to melt, which binds the wood particles together. The melted lignin acts as a binding agent, which, when left to harden, creates condensed wood pellets that hold their shape. These wood pellets are then allowed to cool and are bagged into our 15kg bags and wrapped onto pallets in bulk.

How will the wood pellets get to your door?

The wood pellets will be shipped from all across Europe & Russia into our port in Middleborough, where they will be stored until you place the order. Once ordered, our delivery company will deliver the wood pellets on a truck within three working days of order, or on the day you specify.

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