How to use wood pellets for animal bedding:

If you are starting from scratch in a standard-sized stall, for a half bed use 4-6 bags and for a full deep litter bed use 6-10 bags.

  1. Lay the bags on the floor, cut the top of the bags open.
  2. With a hose or watering can add 1- 1 ½ gallons of water per bag.
  3. After a minute the nuts will begin to expand.
  4. After around 30 minutes they will be ready.
  5. Turn bags out and run through with a fork to ‘fluff-up’.

Wood pellet animal bedding maintenance:

  • Remove solids and wet patches with a suitable fork to allow clean bedding to fall through.
  • Replace bedding that has been removed with an equal number of pellets.
  • Either dampen the pellets before putting in with the bed or leave them to absorb residual moisture and break up on their own.

The result

Happy, clean horse (or other animal!), reduced waste and less time is taken!