Welcome to Premier Fuel, the leading UK supplier of Premium Wood Pellets for all your biomass boiler and equine bedding needs. We guarantee to supply you with products that are of the highest quality, and at a price that is truly competitive. Integral to our philosophy is a belief that behind any quality product must be a service to match, and we are dedicated to delivering an exemplary customer service experience without compromise. When using our products, you can be rest assured that we, not just as a company, but as a set of forward-thinking individuals care about three things: our customers, the quality of our products, and their effects on the environment around us. At Premier Fuel, we are wholly committed to the goal of ‘fuelling our future’ in the most ecological and environmentally friendly way, and use wood sourced from only renewable forestry’s to ensure that our carbon footprint is neutral. Our customers also benefit from the products we offer, as Premier Fuel suppliers are BSL authorised, ensuring that any regulations for a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme are met. We are the future when it comes to eco-friendly solutions to renewable and sustainable energy.

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