What is biomass briquettes?

Made from Softwood Sawdust Residues are dried compresses it and then extrudes it to make a reconstituted log that can replace firewood. It is a similar process to forming a wood pellet but on a larger scale. There are no binders involved in this process. The natural lignin in the wood binds the particles of wood together to form a solid. Burning a wood briquette is far more efficient than burning firewood.

Where can I use the briquettes?

Briquettes are suitable for Wood stoves, open fires and chimineas

Is briquettes renewable energy?

Briquetting or pelletizing is the process to improve the characteristics of biomass as a renewable energy resource by densification. Densification means less volume needed for the same amount of energy output.

Are briquettes eco-friendly?

The absence of sulphur, fly ash in briquettes makes them eco-friendly. The ideally sized structure for complete combustion is an added merit. The briquettes have low smoke with no odour and a steady flame. There is a good will to carry an eco-friendly label because of reducing the hitherto polluting waste forms a major quote for marketing and its popularity.

Advantages of briquetting

Briquettes can be an alternative to diesel, kerosene, furnace oil, lignite, coal and firewood Every industry and domestic use fuel and energy, a means of using an alternative fuel like the bio-mass briquette can be very encouraging for the renewable energy sector of the world. The ready market, high profit, good growth potential, wide choice of raw materials, easily available of raw materials make briquetting easy choice. Ease in storage and transportation, substitute for coal is major reasons to consider bio-mass briquettes as an energy alternative.